There are normally three steps in the admissions process: School Visit, Application, and Overnight Audition.  Although the general requirements are the same, we have modified much of the below to be conducted virtually during COVID.  Please contact to discuss current procedures.

1. School Visit

To schedule a visit, please contact the Director of Admissions using the inquiry form. For specific questions, email or call 212-247-3311, ext. 541.

School Visits are scheduled on days when the Choir School is in session and typically begin with a tour of the school, followed by lunch. After lunch, the prospective student will have a Vocal Evaluation with the Director of Music (or an associate), and then join his peers while his parents speak with a member of the staff.

Families are encouraged to return home and talk about their visit. Likewise, faculty and staff consider whether the student is ready to apply, or in some instances, if further vocal preparation is recommended. The Director of Admissions will contact you to notify you of the school’s decision and if appropriate, to invite the student to the next scheduled Overnight Audition.

2. Application and Financial Aid

Saint Thomas Choir School uses the Standard Application Online (SAO). Learn more about using the SAO and begin your application by clicking here:


To apply for financial aid, please go to  Please note, admission is 100% need-blind; no information furnished for purposes of applying for financial aid is considered in our admission decision.

3. Overnight Audition

Students arrive on Thursday after lunch and are immersed in the Choir School’s schedule through Saturday morning. During this time, they join rehearsals, participate in sports, sleep in the dormitories, attend classes with their peers, and take academic testing. On Saturday morning the visiting boys go to the choir rehearsal and then sing a final vocal audition for the Director of Music.  They may also play an instrumental song if they are studying an instrument as well.

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