Saint Thomas Choir School

The opportunity of a lifetime

Saint Thomas Choir School, New York, educates the treble choristers of the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys. The boys, in grades three through eight, live, sing, play, and learn together during the academic year. 

Like every experience that holds the power to inspire minds, fire the spirit, and transform lives, there’s a mix of powerful ingredients at work. The Choir School invites you to visit and learn more about this distinctive educational opportunity.

Tuition is affordable, and admission is need-blind. We are grateful to be able to meet 100% of our students’ financial need. Any boy who likes music is encouraged to apply.

Create Inquire Serve

It is increasingly rare for young people to have an opportunity to do something that matters to the larger world. As a valued member of the renowned Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys, you will play a unique and important role in the cultural life of Saint Thomas Church Fifth Avenue, New York City and beyond. Whether it is leading services with music, performing in our annual concert series, ringing the opening bell on Wall Street, singing with pop stars at the tree lighting ceremony in Rockefeller Center, filming a television segment or going on tour, there’s always something meaningful on the horizon. Learn how you will develop and contribute your talents here

See yourself

At Saint Thomas, boarding isn’t part of the experience – it is the experience. You develop deep bonds through numerous shared experiences: family-style meals, sports, summer camp, an annual ski trip, and a capstone 8th grade trip, to name a few. It’s about becoming resilient, flexible and collaborative in a nurturing environment. It’s about living in and being part of the arts capital of the nation. It’s transformative, and at the end of your time here, you will see yourself in an entirely new way. Explore what life here is like

Hone your skills

With an average class size of 6 and student-faculty ratio of 2:1, there is ample opportunity to listen, be heard, test ideas and work together. Learning here is active, participatory and personal, and our academics are as stellar as our rigorous music program. You won’t just “do fractions” or learn about the Industrial Revolution. You’ll learn to think analytically, write effectively, persevere, and solve problems independently. Through it all, you will obtain the skills to become world-class at whatever you do. Discover how you will learn here

Forge your path

Where will you go from here? The majority of our graduates go on to competitive boarding schools. Learn how you will be prepared to apply for and succeed in high school and beyond, and what some of our alumni – actors, historians, bankers, doctors, designers, composers — say about how Saint Thomas Choir School paved the way