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Third & Fourth Overview

The Choir School experience generally begins in the third or fourth. The curriculum for these new arrivals helps them make a smooth transition into our residential community.

Saint Thomas Choir School students in classThe academic focus in the third and fourth grade classroom is on comprehension through active listening and reading, collaboration in the shared pursuit of knowledge, and the communication of that knowledge through clear and well-constructed verbal presentations and written compositions.

Subject matter includes literary works such as the Narnia Series, history texts including the “Who Was …” series of biographies, and experiments and film clips to bring the science of sound and light to life. The Linguistic Skill Development part of the curriculum focuses on words as precision tools and grammar as a means of clear communication.

Boys in third and fourth grades also have separate classes in mathematics, French, theology, and art. Their music curriculum is extensive and includes music theory, individual voice and instrument lessons, and choir.

Third grade mathematics curriculum is all about using curiosity and pattern discovery to solve problems. We use the Beast Academy series of illustrated textbooks to reintroduce math as skilled play. We make mathematics an adventure that requires a willingness to make mistakes on the way to discovering new principles and methods. Developing skills, mastering facts, and understanding operations are promoted in the excitement of solving engaging problems.