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What Parents Say

“When I got offered the opportunity to send my son to Saint Thomas Choir School I did not think my son will fit in or that I will survive his absence in the home. But one of the parent who had a son there since two years worked me through the whole process from admission to where to park my car when I go visit. I was so worried all the time about my shy boy being thousands miles away from me, but it turned out that I had no reason to be worried at all. The School is very nurturing and welcoming that it helped my son feel good about himself, confident, and independent. I love everything about the school that I am willing to send my second child who is only nine years old.”
Lydie Kaze, mother of Mich ’22 (pictured above)


“We love our choir school family so much; these last 4 years have been nothing short of amazing.”
 Kristin Catalano, mother of Frank ’20 and Rocco ‘25



“Es con gran alegría y orgullo que comparto esta foto. Significa mucho para Eduardo y para nuestra Familia. Lo que un dia a la edad de 8 años pareció una idea descabellada hoy es una gratificante realidad, al verte convertido en ese joven talentoso y dedicado que eres. Dios te bendiga siempre hijo adorado y muchas felicidades en este día tan especial!! El éxito te acompañe siempre!”
Franklin Morel and Rosa N. Ynoa Collado, parents of Eduardo ’20 and Fernando ’22


“Who knew, when my eldest son left for STCS in 2012 with a smile and wave (and tears in my eyes and a pain in my heart to be sending my little boy off to an unknown), that I would be so filled with emotion and gratitude on this day, our last after today’s “toast.” Of course, my youngest son’s graduation was not at all like my eldest’s due to the pandemic, but the school went out of its way to make the 8th graders feel special and acknowledged. This is a big, beautiful family who I will miss and will forever feel grateful to for sharing this journey. The experiences my sons had, the knowledge, the education, the MUSIC, the professionalism, the savvy, the street smarts, the touring, the repertoire… there aren’t enough words to capture what these years have held for us.”
Moira Malone, mother of Ian ’16 and Ben ’20




헨리가 가족과 떨어져 지내는 것이 처음이라 처음에는 걱정을 많이 했지만, 1년이 지난후 지나친 걱정이었다는 생각이 듭니다세인 토마스 학교 교직원과 선생님들의 전문성과 친절함에 감사드립니다또다른 새로운 가족과 같은 친구들과  매우 기쁩니다.”

Bryant Park, father of Henry ’24




“Saint Thomas Choir School has been such a wonderful gift to our son Jon. It is so much more than a fabulous education and enriching experiences. The people he grew up with over the past five years are part of his heart; the teachers who brought out the brilliance in him, the directors who inspired him, the headmaster who mentored him, the house mothers who cared for him, and most importantly the friends with whom he made memories.”
Ryan and Virgina Bolena, parents of Jon ’20





“Constantin joined Saint Thomas this year as a 5th grader, we feel he found his space – intellectually, musically, and emotionally. In hindsight, it’s hard to believe we even struggled with the decision to transfer him because he truly blossomed.”
Pierre Lafourcade and Marthe Haverkamp, parents of Constantin ’23




“We feel so blessed to have been able to send all three of our sons to the Choir School. There is nowhere else in this country where they could have received the educational, musical, and spiritual experience that has been offered to them here. There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the faculty and staff, who have cared for and educated our sons in a warm, familial setting that is truly a second home for them. We love our Choir School family!”
Glen and Rachel Segger, parents of Augie ’15, Elyot ’19 and Frankie ’23





“Saint Thomas Choir School is a miracle that fell into our lap, and we are forever grateful for the opportunity and experience it provides.”
Sara Scheff, mother of Gioni ’23