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Student Safety & Well-Being

The Choir School employs two houseparents, one of whom is a registered nurse. She is the principal medical provider for the choristers. The health of the boys is a paramount concern for the school’s faculty and staff. They closely monitor the choristers for evidence of illness and injury and direct them to one of the housemothers for treatment. A houseparent is available to the boys 24 hours a day and is responsible for administering any medication.

When students require more specialized treatment or evaluation, the houseparents work with parents in order to set up appointments. The Choir School has relationships with specialists throughout the city. Routine medical care for choristers residing outside of the immediate vicinity is provided by CityMD and Minute Clinic, both within a short walk from the school. For more advanced care, students are taken to nearby Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital. When a parent is unable, Choir School staff accompany students to any appointments outside the school.

Saint Thomas also employs a school counselor for boys in need of specialized care and attention. The counselor is available to speak with boys every week, and often works with individuals and groups on conflict resolution and developing healthy interpersonal skills.