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Athletics at Saint Thomas are divided into three sections by grade. Boys have PE class twice a week and an extended sports practice three times a week. The main focus of athletics for the school changes seasonally.

Our youngest students start with basic motor skill development: catching and throwing, and learning to efficiently move their bodies in large and small spaces. By the time the boys are in 5th grade, they are able to compete in interscholastic athletic competitions.

Our fall season features soccer and during the winter season the boys focus on basketball. Students are taught the basics of both games starting in their first year (dribbling, passing, shooting) and progress all the way up through basic strategies of attacking, defending, and positioning. The boys are tested both physically and mentally by completing drills over the course of each season, and the 5th through 8th graders play a number of scrimmages and official games against other New York City schools.

In the spring, our athletic program turns to general fitness. PE periods focus on fun competitive games, exposing the students to a range of different athletic endeavors (such as tennis, volleyball, hockey, baseball, football, and field games). During sports practices, all boys participate in our track program. The boys take advantage of the many running paths throughout Central Park, and in inclement weather spend their time indoors on conditioning exercises. They participate in interscholastic track meets, and work to improve their mile and 5K times over the course of the season.

By the time our students graduate, they will have developed an athletic skill set that translates to a variety of sports, and prepares them to compete in athletics at the next level, wherever it may be. Our graduates have gone on to participate in a variety of junior varsity and varsity interscholastic sports teams in high school and college.