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Student Life

Our boarding school life begins in the dorms. The boys live on three floors of our building where they are connected by an open style architecture which supports conversation, community, and occasional clowning around! Housemothers supervise the dorms both day and night and are easily accessible because their apartments are located on the dorm floors.

While some older boys enjoy the privilege of having their own private room, most students have a roommate. Roommates are thoughtfully arranged by the housemothers in consultation with other staff members. Each boy has his own bed, wardrobe, and desk in his room, and several of the larger rooms also include an en suite bathroom. There is a bathroom available on each dorm hallway as well, with cubbies for the boys to store their toiletries. Boys are welcome to decorate their rooms however they like, and many boys bring posters, pictures, and favorite toys, games, books, and other items with them.

The housemothers wake the boys up each morning, and put them to bed at night, with the help of the staff members on duty. In the morning, the boys get dressed and go down to breakfast first, giving them a chance to wake up as they drink their orange juice and talk to their friends. After their full days of choir, sports, and school, quiet evening and bedtime routines help the boys to move slowly towards those relaxing moments at the end of the day. In addition to showering and brushing their teeth, the boys have free time before bed to eat a snack, call home, read a book, or hang out with friends before turning their lights out.

Our close-knit community gathers together throughout the day for meals in the Dining Room, meetings in the classrooms, and mayhem in the Rec Room. Through these communal moments and experiences, the boys and the residential staff bond together in their shared home.

Student Safety and Well-Being

Saint Thomas Choir School takes seriously its commitment to protecting the safety and well-being of every student. Read more on these pages:

Student Safety and Well-Being
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