Saint Thomas Choir School student looks through a window next to photos of alumni

Where will you go from here?

We count among our graduates Fulbright scholars, Harvard Medical School professors, internationally recognized as well as up-and-coming conductors and composers, actors, and a legendary typographer. Learn how Saint Thomas was the beginning of their journey.


John Darrell Sherwood '81, PhD

John Sherwood, PhD

Historian at Naval History & Heritage Command
Fulbright-Schuman Scholar, 2019-2020

“Saint Thomas gave me a strong dose of the type of self-discipline required to advance academically. Choir gave me focus. In choral singing, a lack of focus can lead to an embarrassing mistake that can bring down the entire performance of the group. When performing under the baton of Dr. Gerre Hancock, I learned very quickly to focus exclusively on the task at hand.  Gerre compelled us to bring our “A” game to every performance, as did leading choristers of the era such as Julian Wachner and Dana Marsh (both of whom are now world-class conductors).

Without question, St. Thomas was the foundation to any success I have achieved in life. I think about my experiences there often and feel blessed to have attended such an esteemed institution.”

Chris Wylde (Chris Noll) '90

Chris Noll

Actor and comedian
Currently appearing as Glen on CBS’s Young Sheldon

“The immersion into the arts impacted my life profoundly. From the daily singing and performing to the yearly trips to the Metropolitan Opera House and various Broadway stages. In my four short years at Saint Thomas, I sang on 5th Avenue for Jackie O, in Westminster Abbey for the Queen Mother and at the Hit Factory with Carly Simon. The latter earned a Grammy, Golden Globe and Academy Award for Best Song in a Motion Picture. But more importantly, it landed me entry into the Screen Actors Guild. I graduated Class of ’90, and now I pretend to sell comic books in the year 1990 to Young Sheldon on CBS Thursday nights at 8 PM. I’m not sure I could have pulled off my life as an actor without my start as a choir boy.”

Roger Black '62

Roger Black

Typographer and designer
As seen in magazines like Rolling Stone, and newspapers like the Los Angeles Times.

“Being a choirboy at Saint Thomas taught me to be observant: to watch the conductor while reading my score, marking the time and the sound of my fellow choristers and gauging the response of the audience.  It is a skill that I have used to advantage in my life.”

Nathan Fletcher '07

Nathan Fletcher

Composer whose music has been described as “melodious, neo-Romantic” (Washington Post) and “gorgeous” (Opera-L).

“The sheer volume and quality of music we performed and rehearsed day in, day out at Saint Thomas created an environment of total immersion. I graduated not only fluent in the language of music, but with a deep appreciation of music’s power to create transcendent experiences for performers and listeners alike.”