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Just the disipline of being a professional at a very young age gets you into the habit of doing a good job with whatever your are doing and you carry that with you. Tom Carroll ’45

Advising & Counseling

The advisor program at Saint Thomas provides a special, extra-curricular link between students and faculty members. Each grade is assigned to a team of faculty advisors who offer guidance and insight specific to their age and situation. Over the course of several years, the advisors and their advisees build trust through communication and shared experiences.

Advisor groups meet weekly to discuss the days ahead and to improve skills such as study strategies and assignment planning. The groups also plan their own parties during Christmas season and at the end of the school year. The Choir School is already a familial environment, and the advisor program establishes a deeper relationship in which the students always have an advocate and personal mentor throughout their time at Saint Thomas.

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Advisors also serve as the primary contacts for parents regarding how their sons are doing academically and socially. Advisors send out reports each October updating the parents about their sons’ progress, and are always available to speak with parents about any concerns they may have.

Beyond the scope of the advisor program, Saint Thomas also employs a school counselor for boys in need of specialized care and attention. The counselor is available to speak with boys every week, and often works with individuals and groups on conflict resolution and developing healthy interpersonal skills.

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