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Admissions FAQs

Do all boys board full-time?

All boys except 3rd graders board full-time during the school year. There are four regular, extended school breaks of no less than 8 days during the school year when the boys go home as well as Saturday leave outs and a few shorter overnight leave outs.

Who may apply?

Within 50 miles of New York City
Boys who live within a fifty-mile radius may apply as early as 2nd or 3rd grade for admission to the 3rd grade. Third-graders do not board full-time; they go home on Friday afternoons and return Sunday evening.

Across the USA
Boys from across the country in 3rd grade through December of 5th grade are invited to pursue admission to 4th and 5th grades.

When are applications due?

Boys may apply at any time during the year; we have rolling admissions.

How difficult is it to be accepted?

Admission depends on many factors: musical, social, and academic. We are looking for boys who enjoy singing and music, who have a lively curiosity, and who love learning. Saint Thomas boys come from many different backgrounds, and have a wide range of personalities, but all share a dedication to excellence together – in choir, in class, in sports, and as friends. Above all, we’re looking for vocal potential. Any interested boy is encouraged to inquire, even if he hasn’t had formal musical training.

Generally, it is much easier to join us in 3rd or 4th grade; the older the boy, the more stringent the expectations. We encourage families to contact us as soon as they are thinking of Saint Thomas.

Do you accept international students?

International students may apply. An international student must have a legal guardian living in the United States, and it is expected that the boy will stay with us through 8th grade.