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Saint Thomas Choir School is located at 202 West 58th Street in midtown Manhattan, between Broadway and 7th Avenue. Our fifteen-story school building was built to house the school in 1987, and has undergone major renovations within the last decade. The school building boasts a full gymnasium, a dedicated choir rehearsal space, a recreation room complete with ping pong and foosball tables, a spacious dining room, 9 classrooms, 5 soundproof practice rooms, 11 grand and 6 upright pianos, a two-story library, 17 dorm rooms, a chapel, and faculty apartments for all of the full time school staff.


Saint Thomas Choir School gym

The school has a fully equipped gym used for phys ed classes as well as sports matches with other schools.


Dorm room at Saint Thomas Choir School

A typical dorm room. Boys are welcome to personalize their space and make it feel like their own space. Younger children share rooms; older boys often have single rooms.


The Saint Thomas Choir School dining room

Students, faculty and staff gather three times a day for meals in the double height dining room overlook 58th Street.