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About the School

Head of School: The Reverend Charles Wallace
Director of Music: Daniel Hyde
Year Founded: 1919
Enrollment: 30
Grades: 3-8
Grade 3: Five-day boarding
Grades 4-8: Seven-day boarding
Average Grade Size: 5
Faculty-to-Student Ratio: 1:3
Teaching Staff: 9 full-time; 5 part-time
Faculty with Graduate Degrees: 12
Religious Affiliation: Christian (Episcopalian)
Computers: 22
Interactive Whiteboards: 6
Languages Taught: French and Latin
School Year Begins: September
School Year Ends: June
Accreditation: NAIS, NYSAIS, NAES
Interscholastic Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field
Other Activities: Ice skating, Swimming, Bike Riding, Rock Climbing, Annual Ski Trip, Annual 10-day Camp Trip in May
Number of States our Students Come From: 9
Students of Visual/Ethnic Minority: 47% (14 of 30 students)

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